17 year old dating a 23 year old

However, after getting married in 2008, they officially divorced in 2016.

So theres this girl i like, and i know she likes me.

Well I'm 23 and would never date a 17 year old. Chances are he is only looking for one thing and it's not good.

Try dating people more around your age, like 16-18 is better.

Husband (49M) went to jail and was beaten/assaulted on a daily basis by other inmates.

Now he is back, and he is suffering from PTSD but refuses to seek help or admit he has problems.

That means, do not let him have control or power over you, do not let him coerce you into anything you are not ready to do or do not want to do, do not drink with him or use drugs, do not have unprotected sex, do not trust him or fall for him too much.

Just protect yourself in general from getting hurt and being put in danger.

Problem is shes only just turned 17 about a month ago and i am 20 now, turning 21 early next year.

Find someone you love, and take their breath away..if that means putting a kink in their oxygen tank cord.

#Life Alert Type Of Love."While some of us may have gasped in shock over the vast age difference between Beckinsale and Rife, we really shouldn't.

I am now being told that any kind of contact with him will get me dismissed from my school as well as the authorities called on him. We never had sex and I spoke to an attorney who said given the matters, no legal action can be taken on him, however, they do have a right to dismiss me on charges of "Conduct Detrimental to the Corps" (I go to a military academy). (4) "Student" means a person enrolled in kindergarten, or in grade one through grade 12 in any school. Oh, and sexual activity is not restricted solely to sexual intercourse.

I know the age of consent in North Carolina is 16 but is there a limit on how much older a person can be than the person they are dating? I don't see how that is conduct detrimental to anyone in the corps though.