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I am still woking on it, and to know that the pros at ABK-Soft are there to answer my questions and to help me is a big relief. ABK-Soft offers one of the most amazing packages ever created in the dating/social networking world.The quality of work is outstanding and their software has everything you can ever need!Title: ABK-Soft : Able Dating Reviews : Able Dating Website Software : ABK Clients Sites : Able Space Datin...Description:Able dating web software is one of the most comprehensive and complete web site software like Able Dating Website Software, ABK Clients Sites, Able Space Dating Reviews & Scam & ABK-Soft Review on the market Keywords:Able Dating Website Software, Able Space, Able Dating Scam, Able Dating Reviews, Dating Software Reviews, ABK-Soft Review, ABK Scam, ABK Clients, Able Dating Sites, ABK Sites Discover website stats, rating, details and status online.I'm toward the tail-end of a site redesign, and there's a bug (there's LOTS of bugs! I have clubs who would like to find members and members looking for a club to join. Events feature was there by default ( another awesome thing is ability to use third party plugins).) that is stopping me - yet their technical "support" isn't available until Monday - and they removed the one thing that has helped them - the community forums. Their database is SOO SLOW that you have to throw TONS of resources at it just to make it usable. It's not responsive, and they charge paying customers for the app (which is awful to start with), then they charge for "customization" which is worse than the base application! Just needed some adjustments to get a more flowless process for my niche. A word of advice - talk to Natalie and confirm all modifications details beforehand.I was one of the first vldpersonals clients and so I was one of the first victims.

Here we publish links to sites that are powered by ABK software products: Chameleon, Oryx, MIXER!! Not all of these sites have a long history, some are rather new, some are just beginners.

From the videos, galleries, blogs, forums he can’t do, a user can post porn images, messages etc.

Imagine hundreds of images, videos, galleries, blogs ad forums, and you have to search one by one.6 – The flash rooms don’t have private massages7 - Nothing is in ajax, whenever you make a change has to read the whole page 8 - The 3d city and chat have a visual impact but they are very simple, people will not use this function.9- Bugs, vids section, flash essay, translation.

Don’t bye, if you want a good software try emeeting or vldpersonals and by the video chat apart I was trying to learn how to write code in my spare time but my time was so limited that I hardly had time to learn, due to my work schedule. Their software did everything and more that I wanted to include in my dating site.

I made a small investment of 0 for the software that is worth 00s. The time it would have taken me to put together a dating website on my own could have taken years. I was able to design my own index and adjust the code for my customized site.