Britney spears dating 2016

She reportedly asked if she could take the photograph on her phone, and Harris was “shocked” when she posted it on her own account.

A conscious effort to assert her new single status? An innocuous Instagram post with no intent or motive whatsoever (if such a thing exists)?

and he handled her handbag with pride as they left.

"It was clear to me that she seemed a bit agitated," he said. But she was also extremely worried about her kids and seemed to understand that the best thing to do to see her kids was to accept it." Britney Spears has come a long way since 2007.

(Photo Credit: Splash) Under her conservatorship, Britney's father, , controls all aspects of her business and personal life, including any financial decisions.

Spears had been dating boyfriend Charlie Ebersol, a TV producer (and the son of TV executive Dick Ebersol) for about eight months. at the beginning of their relationship, meaning that he won’t be able to discuss the relationship or breakup.

cites, by way of explanation, a source claiming that Ebersol was “in it for the wrong reasons.” TMZ says they did not have a “messy breakup,” but notes that Ebersol reportedly signed an N. They were last photographed together at the Billboard Music Awards on May 17.