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To date, he is the last player to win the Heisman who was not a running back or quarterback.

Woodson played the majority of his career at cornerback, but switched to safety later in his career.

I really gave a lot of thought to Miami, but they at the time were actually going through some issues with the coaching.

Dennis Erickson ended up going to Seattle, but I talked to him and he said he wasn’t going anywhere, so I gave that some thought.

My neighborhood played a ton of football, pickup games outside in the backyards of the apartments where I grew up.

He played college football for Michigan, where he led the Wolverines to a national championship in 1997.

Woodson, a "two-way player" who played both offense and defense, won the Heisman Trophy in the same year.

Today we move on to #21, worn so well by none other than Charles Woodson.

If there’s any free agent move by Ted Thompson – and we all know there have been few over the years – the best to date was bringing Charles Woodson to Green Bay from Oakland in 2006.