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This runs natively from CF, however does not handle my issue with using native is the value of the param being passed through.

Do note that Struct Insert() will need to be used as param names are case sensitive, and otherwise the struct key value will be in uppercase.

Inability to pass in xsl:param values externally This one is my primary gripe.

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Detecting attempts to find these weaknesses is a critical protection mechanism.As a long-term Coldfusion user, I never knew that it is possible to spoof Coldfusion into uploading executable (.cfm) files when it was set to only allow images.This post by Brent Fry explains more: This has major implications for any web site that allows users to upload images (like dating sites or community sites).For example, if you use HTML entity encoding on user input before it is sent to a browser, it will prevent most XSS attacks.However, simply preventing attacks is not enough - you must perform Intrusion Detection in your applications.