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Are there any single cowboys/country boys out there in Manitoba?

Now let’s be clear, I’m not condoning spurs, ponchos or ten-gallon hats. Boots that were adopted and worn by the most rugged cattlemen and cowpunchers this world has ever seen.

The full gaucho garb should remain the reserve of line dancers and Village People tribute acts alike. If the young metropolitan male can adopt the bearded lumberjack look en masse, why not the cowboy?

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Gone is the heyday of the Western, and for the last few decades these boots have served only as objects of ridicule. Earlier this year, Xander Zhou, Tiger of Sweden and Topman Design all showcased Cuban-heeled boots during their London Collections Men runway shows for autumn 2015.

The show's viewers also recoiled in shock and despair as the lovable cowboy saw his relationship come crashing down at the final vow renewal ceremony on Sunday night's episode.'That's why I've tried this experiment,' the cowboy adds.'I am lonely and, as hard as it is to admit, I'm not afraid to speak up and say you do get lonely sometimes.' There's then a montage of romance as we see the couple enjoy hot air balloons at sunset, sweet picnics and Sean's toast to 'my beautiful wife'.It was a heartbreaking ending that, at least at first, didn't seem possible as the couple first began their week apart from one another.Sean admitted he missed Susan the minute they separated as he returned to his farm and gazed longingly at their wedding day photo. Finding love is hard, because I am isolated out in where I live,' he says in a moment made all the more crushing by what would follow.