Dating a merchant seaman

As the colonies gravitated toward war, so did merchant shipping, and these ships were loosely designated as the “merchant marine.” One seminal event was the June 1775 seizure of the HMS by citizens in Machias, Maine, thus preventing its shipment of lumber to Boston for British barracks construction. No official formation of a merchant marine service occurred, however, until the 1920s. Eventually, in 1942, the Merchant Marine Academy was built at King’s Point, New York, in part to ensure the availability of trained officers for such service. Give us the goods and we’ll deliver, Damn the submarine! In addition, the site provides contact information if you are searching for service records.

This action, then, anticipated the formation of both the U. Following World War II, the merchant marine fleet was put in mothballs or diverted to other uses. Another online site of particular interest is the Naval History and Heritage Command website (known before 2008 as the Naval Historical Center). Merchant Marine Cadet Corps, WWII Recruitment Poster, Image from American Merchant Marine at War, org.

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Their aim was to control the transport of goods between Adelaide and Melbourne and profit from the need for an efficient and comfortable passenger service.

For the first 100 years of its life, the main activities of the company were conventional shipping operations on the Australian coast, primary products, consumer cargoes and extensive passenger services.

Merchant marines have played an important role in American history.

Without their efforts and sacrifices, the outcome of many of our armed conflicts would have been quite different.