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(Seattle Immersive Theater’s website is also currently down, although SIT says it it being reworked and will be up again soon.) Perhaps the show was doomed from the start.

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There’s this misconception in online dating that plus women can’t have standards, value, confidence.On August 4, the Seattle Immersive Theater (SIT) sent out a promotional email about their next show: Serial Killer Speed Dating—a production from LA's Abel Horwitz—was to take place at Capitol Hill's Liberty Lounge on August 19 and 20.“We’re dying to see you there” read the email, promising speed dating with a twist.A second “gay” edition, this one for women, was “coming soon.” The performance would seat participants with a potential soul mate for five minutes at a time.It was unclear how many participants would actually be actors, how many would be spectators, and how many would be spectators open to a potential romantic spark, but if you correctly identified the “serial killer” from your brief dates, you could win a prize. Tweets about the event were deleted, all mention of the event has been scrubbed from Seattle Immersive Theater’s Facebook page, and the ticket link is now defunct.