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He adds the interesting idea that these ages do not only change the quality of life, but the after-death state of humans.

The people of the Golden and Silver Ages, when they died, became spirits who watch over and benefit the human race.

The widespread belief that an age is ending and a new one dawning is part of a cyclical concept of time common to most philosophical cultures.Sri Kripa Shankar Shukla says that “the epoch of the planetary motion mentioned in the text marks the beginning of the current yuga and not the beginning of the current Kalpa as was supposed by PC Sengupta.The current Kalpa, according to Aryabhata I, started on Thursday 1,98,28,80,000 years or 7,24,26,41,32,500 days before the beginning of the current yuga; and 1,98,61,20,000 years or 7,25,447,570,625 days before the beginning of the current Kaliyuga.Similar events could have happened all over the earth.Could that be reason why significant artifacts, fossils, historic landmarks were lost from the era of Rama (5000-7000 BC time frame) to age of Krshna (Dwaparayuga)?