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San Jose police arrested Michael Kellar, 56, after a flight from Seattle to San Jose July 31.

A passenger noticed Keller swapping text messages about sexually molesting children and alerted the flight crew who contacted authorities on the ground.

This person will pretty much be the sole reason why you enjoy going to work gatherings, and they'll realize it too.

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Well ladies, here's a PSA: they completely think of it that way. "When a girl responds to me with only 'K,' so many thoughts race through my mind," says Andrew, 29.

Is it really important that we’re all decked out in a great outfit? Question #2: What do you really think about a girl who gives it up on the first date?

Question #1: What do you really notice about girls when we go out? But the good guys will look for more than just cleavage and clothes.

Sometimes we’re so confused by a person’s intentions that we forget to decide how we feel about them. Is this about trying to partner with someone you really like or about avoiding rejection? ” That’s a conversation that requires hearing someone’s voice.

Your whole letter is about decoding the mystery of James. Please don’t forget that you should be deciding whether James is an appropriate partner. Advertisement Really, you never tell us why you like James. My gut tells me that your energy is better spent looking for a guy who wants to see you — and get it on with you — when he has the chance.