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Walks in the valley include for example: Linhope Spout Walk Grade moderate. From the spout, you can also see Hedgehope Hill, which stands at 714m and is the second highest peak in Northumberland. At England’s border with Scotland, the county of Northumberland is a place of contrast and beauty, where white sandy beaches are moments from rugged countryside and where you’ll find spectacular castles and a wonderful range of museums as well as a whole host of modern attractions.Located in an area referred to as the Central Susquehanna Valley, this region includes the five counties of Northumberland, Snyder, Union, Montour and Columbia.A large percentage of the land area is agricultural and woodland.In your cottage you will find a selection of printed route descriptions specially written by our National Park Ranger - many starting literally from the doorstep and within the valley. Beginning at Hartside, walk along the valley road and stone / grass tracks to the Linhope Burn and Linhope Spout, a 60' (18m) chute of water that lands in a plunge pool 6' (2m) wide and 16' (5m) deep. There is also a collection of local guided walks books on your bookshelves. Red squirrels and curlews (wading bird and logo for the Park) can be seen on the way up. Once a hub of the busy barge canals, later replaced by the growing railroad industry, Northumberland has played an integral part in the growth of the Central Susquehanna Valley.Northumberland is coupled with the City of Sunbury, located just two short bridge spans away, both incorporated in 1772. Joseph Priestley (the "discoverer of oxygen"), Sunbury has the distinction of being a proving ground for Thomas A. Route 11, this area is easily accessed from points north and south.

Dating back to 122 AD and stretching over a distance of 150 miles, it’s amongst the first places that most people visit on their holiday or short break.

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By continuing to use this website with cookies enabled, you consent to our use of cookies. Starting in Ingram, this invigorating walk heads up over moorland sheep country where you are surrounded by the sounds of the curlew, oyster catcher, skylark and meadow pipit. Walks in the surrounding area include: Shepherds Cairn Walk Grade moderate.

They sheltered in caves, occasionally decorating their walls with art.

The nomadic lifestyle continued into the Mesolithic period (c.8,000–4,000 BC), when flint tools became progressively smaller and more refined.