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This is when the eyes of virtual hoop heads around the world open up widely.

NBA Playgrounds on Switch has disappointed in one notable way, in that it's the only version of the game without online play or any updates so far.

Challenge Mode, which allows players to challenge each other to online matches, has been added to the Play Station®4, Xbox One and PC versions, and will be added to the Nintendo Switch version once online play is live.

Life is full of giggles for Sim Town toddlers, and the good times continue with the latest update!

With a bit of luck, you won't have to deal with little snot-nosed brats much longer.

Finally, you can come in a bit later and the kids are more mature, but you're still a glorified baby sitter with a salary to match.

The first update is now live for PC and Play Station®4, and will be live for Xbox One and Switch within days.

15 new players have been added, including Isaiah Thomas and Dennis Rodman, and Shaq can now be played with the various teams from his career.

You may remember the quirky but successful crowdfunding for this game a while back, at which point it was planned for Wii U.However, the game team have made changes to Laura which have increased her efficiency and the amount of resources she collects. Once you’ve unlocked and claimed all other prizes the playground is free!Make sure you tap “A live event is not a community event.Union leaders are watching you now, so put on your thinking cap, play along with their so-called "educational reform," and you'll go far.The last teacher in your position quit in disgust…can you take the heat?