Steven ward dating tips

Steve Ward, the host of the hit relationships program Tough Love, spells out his rules for reading guys.1.

Ladies, if you want to kiss a guy get a little closer.

Past relationships are a lot like passing gas in public.

Don't bring wedding plans up on a date, or else a guy's going to think you're biological clock is more like a stopwatch.

Most guys love being asked out since they're usually the ones doing the asking.

Telling only half the truth is like being a little bit pregnant.

Friday night, Erica and I found ourselves at the W in Hoboken, New Jersey. Is it possible for a woman to detect chemistry in 3 minutes, especially if the guy is nervous? There are very few things in this world that are stronger than a woman's intuition.

And "What do you do" doesn't necessarily mean, "How much money do you make? "I'm a student, an artist, I love to play sports." Cool, it sounds like you're doing a lot. My quick (albeit unoriginal) answer was a dolphin because they seem friendly and they swim.

Keep your business private and if you can let him know you're interested without letting others know, go for it and see what he says. I know in your book and at your program this weekend in AC you said less is more when it comes to make up. It screams "high maintenance" and sends the message that you're more concerned about your appearance than other more important areas like character, personality, sense of humor, etc.

We had crossed the Hudson River in search of love—and in order to attend the world's largest speed dating event, hosted by Purple Lab and Master Matchmaker Steve Ward of VH1's Thanks for the tough love, Steve! Hygiene, style, attitude, intelligence, communication skills, and interpersonal skills. But people don't give themselves enough credit. When you go into a speed date, you need to act like they're applying for a position with you; they're applying for a relationship with you. The fact is, a guy's going to want to sleep with you from the second he sees you.

Don’t just let him in on a negative experience tell him how it’s helped you grow.8. Most guys love being asked out, since they’re always the ones doing the asking.

If you won't date guys older than you, don't expect younger guys to want to date you.5. When revealing secrets turn a negative into a positive. Telling only half the truth is like being a little bit pregnant.