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Those outputs and fuel economy ratings are just some of the many reasons that I’m totally digging all the news about the push for more diesel engines in the states.Light-duty pickups pumping out 500 lb-ft of torque is just astounding. One quick look at the specs shows that the 1500’s V6 is more fuel efficient and the Titan’s V8 is more powerful. We have developed this spring compressor after years of trial & error replacing airgun mainsprings with inferior compressors that just did not deliver the outcome required.

And now, researchers have found that Earth’s ‘toxic twin’ Titan may also have electric sand To test how the particles might move on Saturn’s largest moon, researchers conducted an experiment in a modified pressure vessel.

Comparing riverbeds on the three worlds in our solar system that have them show that Earth is the odd world out.

Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, is one of the more mysterious worlds in our solar system.

In order to compare the topography of these three worlds, Black and his colleagues had to dial down the resolution of sharp images of Mars and Earth to match the images of Titan from the Cassini spacecraft.

“When you look at these images of Titan or Mars, you see so much – valleys, mountains, lake beds – that strike this familiar chord that associates with Earth,” says Black.