Updating maps on mapsource Darting naked

Also it will display you a list of all selected tiles - this can be useful for debugging (though normal users don't need this).

Another reason would be that Garmin Mapsource has a search function that is identical to your GPS Device.

These receivers can still have maps loaded to them though in addition to the maps that already exist.Some reasons:a) It's not developed anymore since 2010b) It does not show Open MTBMap or Velo Map contourlines!(it will send them though to your device)c) It has no proper database to store tracks or routes - yes undertanding the concept of the database in Basecamp is not easy - but once you got it, it is pretty well done! Well to send maps to older generation devices like Vista HCx or GPSMaps 60CSx or even older.Garmin have made a number of changes to their map update procedures in the last year.For those with newer devices these changes have made it much simpler, for others it can still be a painful process with numerous calls to Garmin technical support.