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" well, those people did not see this coming, and neither did I.

I understand that by moving the show to Thursday night in an attempt to win over a new and larger audience, "New Girl" had to play it safe. The gang fights over the communal phone charger, until Nick and Jess are left by themselves. "Definitely not make out," jokes Nick, and puts his hand on her upper boob -- the most underrated part of the boob, of course.

Well, I touched her breast but just the top part not her nipples or anything.

My fear is that touching breasts and circulating hormones from sex will stimulate pre-cancer cells/cancer cells. Make sure to air your concerns so that you're not stuck worrying about something that is not based in reality.There are over 20 different categories of sexually related crimes and some of the things you’d think would be the most serious — like having sex with your daughter — only rank as low-level felonies (if the daughter is 17 or over).One of these crimes is called “forcible touching.” A person is guilty of forcible touching when “he or she intentionally, and for no legitimate purpose, forcibly touches the sexual or other intimate parts of another person for the purpose of degrading or abusing such person or for the purpose of gratifying the actor’s sexual desire.” Intimate parts have been defined by case law to include someone’s neck, if normally that part of a person would not be touched in the course of the normal relationship between the parties. However, the catch is that the party must be touched “forcibly,” defined to mean the express consent or acquiescence of the person being touched. Although Donald Trump bragged of touching women’s breasts and vaginas (he used a different word), the women acquiesced, i.e., let him do it without so much as a boo, defense attorneys would argue it was not forcible.But word to the wise -- either do it already, or have Nick screw up in his oh-so-typical Nick Miller way. In an attempt to ease up the awkwardness, Jess asks him what's going on and what are they doing."We're roommates who've made out a couple times and are attracted to each other and are really good friends, and sometimes genuinely kind of hate each other.